Meet Danielle :)

Hey Im Danielle and Im hoping that soon I will be your lifelong go to photographer for all those amazing moments in life!! I live in Las Vegas, NV with my husband Brandon (we won’t disclose his age ;), my 5 year old daughter Karsyn and my 1.5 year old son Brantley! These 3 are my life!! I got into photographer because of my littles!! I loved taking pictures of them…everywhere we went!! I always have my camera with me. This love for photography turned into a passion and before I knew it I was taking pictures for friends and family and it evolved from there!!



I rent studio space that is located in Henderson, NV right off Pecos/ St Rose. It is pretty much amazing!! Such awesome lighting and so many props to choose from! I shoot in studio as well as on-location all over Las Vegas!! As long as this Las Vegas weather allows it 😉

I really love to get to know my clients. I love customizing sessions to their needs, wants and likes!! So here is a little more about me 🙂

     I used to live in California and worked as an LVN (same thing as an LPN here in Nevada). My fiancé (at the time), daughter and I moved here December 31st 2011!! Yes we went out that night for New Years!! lol. I became a stay at home mom when we moved here and I had every intention of continuing my eduction. Well life happens!! I started planning mine and Brandon’s wedding, we got married…Shortly after we got pregnant with Brantley and the story goes on… So here I am now on a whole new adventure and LOVING every minute of it!! I love capturing amazing moments and pictures you want to blow up and put all over your house!! When I am done with a session I can’t wait to get home and edit them!! I am addicted! Thankfully I have an amazingly supportive Husband and Mom who now help with my littles while all this goes down!!

I LOVE COFFEE (actually I couldn’t function without it) and monster energy drinks! I know not the best for you but hey I eat clean ;0. I enjoy watching The Walking Dead, Mistresses, Nashville and Greys Anatomy!! In the summer time we practically live in Havasu, enjoying our boat and the staying cool in the water all day! my kids love it there and its our way of disconnecting and enjoying family time! I love shopping as well and buying clothes for me and the kids, mostly the kids. Thats just the way it goes now!! Oh the life of being a Mom 😉 I wouldn’t trade it for anything! I also love taking pictures of my kids!! When I don’t have a session scheduled I take my kids out and get pictures of them, so yes you will see lots of them on my website!

I am an adrenaline junkie!! Tell me to bungie jump off a building and I am there!! I don’t like traffic and long lines! I love traveling to new places and doing spur of the moment things! I also love challenges! Give me something you think is impossible and i will try my hardest to make it happen!!

I am super easy to get along with and am a go with the flow kind of person. I am outgoing and energetic.

I hope that if you made it through this entire long run on paragraph that you got to know me a little and i hope to get to know you too!! I look forward to continuing to build my business and love watching my passion grow!




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