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{Jonathan} 10 days new

This little boy was just the sweetest thing! He slept

{Brynlee} 13 days new

Brynlee was a little cutie pie! so squishy… I

{Brianna} 15 days new

This beautiful baby girl made the drive with her

{Ayrabella} 6 days new

Sweet little Ayrabella gave me a run for it but I won

{Adalynn} 8 days new

Adalynn was such a beautiful little girl and had the

{Kyler} Newborn

I was so excited when I heard this little girl was

Newborn Safety & composite

There is more to newborn photography than meets the

{Michaella & Maica} 31 days new

Such an awesome experience for my first set of twins!

{Trey} My Celebrity Newborn!!

I had the awesome opportunity to co-shot with my dear

{Newborn Workshop}

Wow!! What an awesome opportunity is was for me to be

{McCartney} My very first newborn!

Little miss McCartney!! So tiny and so adorable! I