Newborn Safety & composite

There is more to newborn photography than meets the eye! The time that goes into getting that perfect pose, soothing the baby, making sure baby is comfortable and most importantly that the baby is SAFE! With all the pictures that circulate social media sites, and going onto pintrest to find posing ideas, stuff can be misunderstood leading to a tiny fragile newborn being posed in an unsafe way! There is a way to pose newborns safely by using composites. That is using multiple images to achieve the final image so that baby is always supported and spotted!! Safety of the babies are always my number one priority!

Take for example these twins! They were not only done separate but I had my amazing friend Amanda holding onto them every moment of the way! This was a 4 picture composite! Very easily achieved if done right and a lot safer for baby!


  • Newborn Baby Safety 101 | Stefanie Shutters - February 14, 2016 - 5:28 pm

    […] DC Photography in  Las Vegas, Nevada, USA,  showcased their “Princess and the Pea” set with TWINS in the “Chin in Hands” on their blog!  Each twin is fully supported and photographed individually on the set, then the 4 images are combined for one final image of two beautiful princesses. […]ReplyCancel

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